Bicycle design

For many years I have been designing, experimenting and manufacturing bicycles from various materials, such as carbon fiber, natural and laminated bamboo (my patent), titanium and also using different technologies.

Bicycles - my portoflio can be seen at BME Design bicycles


Creating accurate 3D models from photographs.

Some of my 3D models can be seen at Sketchfab


Founding member of the Althandel civic association, where we are researching the history of the unique "fire engine" - the first steam engine that was installed in continental Europe, built in 1722 in Nova Bana, Slovakia (known then as Konigsberg) for the purpose of pumping water out of the Althandel mining shaft.

More info about our work is at Althandel

3D object photos and spherical panoramas

3D object photos and spherical panoramas I made in the past.

3D object photos gallery
Spherical panoramas gallery

Experimental photography

Macro photos and infrared photos I made in the past.

Macro photos

Infrared photos

Photo galleries from Greece

Photos from travelling in Greece in 2008-2010.

Northern Greece

Crete island


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